"The best diving holiday I have had in over 10 years."

Excellent standards and great guides....Suzanne Tilling, Essex, United Kingdom

About us

Blue Lagoon was founded in 2007.  Located in Sharm el Sheikh this boutique scuba diving Sharm center was established by a team of marine professionals.  The founders share a love for the sea, marine life and scuba diving. Their values are visible throughout Blue Lagoon with its high standards of safety, service and environmental awareness.

As an independent scuba diving center Blue Lagoon offers a more personal and flexible service than larger organisations.

Scuba Diving Sharm

The Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

Blue Lagoon Diving Center is located in Sharm el Sheikh at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula.  The Gulf of Aqaba, Gulf of Suez and Red Sea converge here.  Their currents bringing  nutrients essential for the growth of the coral reefs.  This creates a very healthy ecosystem.

The healthy coral reefs are home to small fishes which in turn are a food source for the larger fish.  In the summer months huge schools of large fish can be found here.

PADI Courses

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PADI course Sharm are the simplest way to learn to dive or continue your dive training.

Whether you are a seasoned diver looking to build on skills you already possess or have yet to take the plunge, Blue Lagoon Diving Center offers you a safe, professional and fun experience.

The vast array of sites from shallow gentle slopes  to dramatic walls plunging to over 700m to historical wrecks mean every PADI course can easily be conducted safely and to PADI standards.

PADI Course Sharm – Educational Chart

Sharm padi course

Our quality assurance checks and continuous monitoring of standards ensure that our team will provide you with the best education possible.

Inclusions and exclusions are detailed on our price list.