Project AWARE

WEB BADGEProject AWARE divers are rising to the marine debris challenge by taking local action and supporting the policy change necessary to prevent and reduce rubbish entering our ocean. Dive Against Debris is a global, underwater survey of marine debris and every time you participate, you help drive change. The rubbish you remove makes the ocean safer for marine life and the information you report can help convince individuals, governments and businesses to act against marine debris.

From everyday litter like plastic bags, food wrappers and drink bottles, to car batteries, kitchen appliances, enormous fishing nets and industrial waste – the trash accumulating in the ocean is turning our beautiful reefs, lagoons and seagrass meadows into rubbish dumps.

None of our waste belongs in the ocean. Yet, it continues to make its way to the most remote ocean places and can remain for generations. Much of our waste products do not biodegrade and many plastics, for example, break down into smaller fragments posing danger to marine life and human health.

Together, we can change and work towards a clean, healthy ocean planet.

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