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The Wise Diver

News coverage and statistics show that tourism in Sharm el Sheikh has greatly reduced along with prices since the uprising in 2010. But in reality how does this effect the wise diver? It’s simple: Year round good weather Prices are down = cheap holiday Tourism is down = less divers Less divers = more fish More fish = more pelagic action The wise diver has already booked Sharm el Sheikh for their next dive holiday.  ...

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Recognising the trend for ‘build your own’ holidays

Today, tourists are becoming more savvy in how to slash the costs of their much earned holidays.  ‘Build your own’ holidays allow travelers to not only cut their over all costs but also to overcome the limitations set by package holidays. With a destination such as Sharm el Sheikh the choices for types of accommodation are endless – from top five star resorts to basic self catering accommodation within the local community – there really is something for everyone. Ramy Youssry, Director and Partner at Blue Lagoon Diving Center commented ‘It is not simply a one size fits all market here in Sharm el Sheikh.  As a leading boutique center we have recognised the change in the type travelers visiting our destination and reflected this in our services.  We now offer assistance to guests in securing accommodation that matches their individual requirements and personalities along with tailor made dive programs based on end goals and experience”. By booking flights, accommodation and excursions on a separate basis travelers are not limited by schedules and are able to take advantage of special offers more freely working very well for single travelers and families alike. Booking flights ahead of time along with separate accommodation allows those limited by school holidays to work affordable solutions to their annual trip. Whether ‘Build your own’ holidays are a fad or the future of vacations we do not know but for the moment they seem to be growing in popularity. So if you are thinking of a Sharm dive holiday then perhaps you should explore the build your own...

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