AWARE Dive Against Debris Sharm

AWARE Dive Against Debris SharmTeam Blue Lagoon enjoyed a day  cleaning up and recording data for the AWARE Dive Against Debris Sharm efforts and cleared a whopping 175K of debris from our sea.

After reaching out to the National Park Authorities it was agreed that the site known to locals as Kharaba (Electric) was in great need of a clean up.  Armed with gloves, bags and lots of enthusiasm our team headed out by boat to the site.  After a hearty breakfast the team got down to business.

Careful to leave any items which had been colonized the team spent 70 minutes clearing the site of debris which included such items as metal pipes, glass and plastic bottles, sunglasses and plastic bags.  An estimated 175K of debris was taken from a roughly 100 meter square area.

A full report of data from the Dive Against Debris Sharm will be available soon on the Project AWARE map.

We are already planning our next Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Sharm – please let us know if you would like to join in!