Dive Kit for Sharm

Dive Kit for SharmMany divers ask us about what kit we would recommend to bring.  These are purely our recommendations :

Dive Kit for Sharm – What to bring and What to leave at home

What to Bring

1.  Submersible Marker Buoy (SMB)

Much of the diving done is drift dives and although your guide will be carrying a SMB it is great to have your own. The buoy signals to your dive boat where you are and also lets other boats know to give you space as you are ascending.

2.  Torch

A must for those thinking of a night dive and perhaps a visit to the Thsitlegorm.

3.  Camera

The visibility and light makes for some incredible shots. Being able to view images after the dives certainly adds to the fun of the dive. Remember to pack this in your hand luggage to avoid any damage during your flight.

4.  Boots and Fins

The deck and beach can get hot so better to opt for dive boots and open heal fins.

5.  Red Sea Fish Guide

Most guides carry their own copy of the Debelius Red Sea Fish Guide but it is great to have your own. The best way to learn new fish is to identify them yourself after the dive using a book.  Also, an ideal tool to help with logging what you see on the dives.

6.  Sun protection

Good sun protection is a must. If you are sensitive to the sun it is worth putting a sun hat in your BCD pocket.  On the surface you can put this on to give you protection from the sun as you wait for your pickup or make your way back to the shore/boat.

7.  Old CD or DVD

This should be attached to your BCD and placed in your pocket.  It should not be used on your trip but in an emergency you can use it to reflect the sun to show your location.  A mirror is also effective but we prefer to recycle.

8.  Extra Cam Band

For those divers used to diving in colder waters and with steel tanks it can be useful to bring along an extra cam band to attached a couple of kilos to the lower part your Aluminum tank to help with the trim.

What to leave at home

1.  Gloves

There is a no touching and no collecting rule when diving from Sharm el Sheikh and the water is definitely not freezing so there really is no need to EVER wear gloves here. When wearing gloves it is more likely that you will touch and damage our spectacular reefs or marine life on the Red Sea Wrecks.

2.  Rattles

Nothing disturbs the serenity of a dive than the constant shaking of scuba rattles. A tank banger attached to your tank can be a good alternative to a rattle if you need to get attention under water.

3.  Dive Knives

In the marine parks Knifes are not permitted and are unnecessary. So yes, you will have to keep your Jack Moore knife at home. As an alternative you could take a pair of nail clippers with you in your BCD pocket.

4.  Reef Hooks

These are a big NO NO – used in some other countries where diving in strong currents but divers wish to remain stationery to watch large marine animals here in Egypt we prefer to keep reefs undamaged and enjoy the ride.

5.  Metal Rods

These tools are used for poking into holes or nudging marine life. Here these are not permitted and not be part of your dive kit for Sharm.