Getting Back into Diving Sharm el Sheikh

Diving Sharm el SheikhRemember the passion and curiosity for the underwater world that made you first want to become a diver ? The first breaths you took when you first put your head under the water? The excitement before during and after your first dive especially when diving Sharm el Sheikh? And how each and every holiday  you searched for a dive center nearby so you could get your dive fix!

Changes in financial circumstances, life and work commitments and family can mean for many that diving has to be put to one side. But for most diving is not something that they will ever lose their passion for.

After a break from diving it can be a bit daunting to sign up for a weeks’ diving holiday but really it does not have to be.  If you choose getting back into diving Sharm el Sheikh you will have sites to suit your level and ability.

Our team would like to share our tips and advice for making your Getting back into Diving Sharm el Sheikh easy, fun and safe – if you have questions why not Contact our team today.

Step One – Dusting off your fins

Scuba diving is an equipment dependent sport. For those who invested in equipment many moons ago it is good to start here. If it has been some time since you have dived you could have gained or lost weight so it is important to try the kit on.

Many a diver has turned up unable to squeeze into the wet suit they used over 10 years before – much to their horror. Check out how well the kit has withstood it’s time in the cupboard – are the fin and mask straps still in good working order – zippers for the suits and boots, seals on the dry suit?

For the regulators and BCDs it is best to pop down to your local dive shop and put them in for a service AND don’t forget to check your battery on your dive computer! Step

Two – Get reading

Review your old diving manual. This will re-familiarize you with dive theory, terms and signals along with procedures.

Step Three – Take the Plunge

When contacting a dive center let them know your certification level, date of last dive, number of logged dives and type of sea conditions and also any concerns you may have.

If it has been over one year since your last dive it is important that the first dive reviews skills and knowledge with a program such as the PADI Scuba Review. It may also be a good idea to book yourself straight onto a course so you have special attention from your instructor. For PADI Open Water Divers it would be well worth while upgrading to an Advanced Open Water Diver.

For those already Advanced then perhaps consider a specialty such as PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy – a great way to fast track your buoyancy skills and also gain confidence quickly in the water.

Step Four – Enjoy

Relax, have fun and dive, dive, dive!

Don’t wait – Get Back into Diving Sharm el Sheikh and CONTACT our team now