Keep cool in a hot Sharm el Sheikh!

Hot Sharm el Sheikh

The sun is shining and we are feeling the heat in a very hot Sharm el Sheikh.

The sun draws millions of tourists each year and makes a hot Sharm el Sheikh a fantastic place to settle.  But during the month of August when the temperatures sour how can we stay cool and healthy.  We asked our team of locals and expats their tried and tested methods.

Staying cool in a hot Sharm el Sheikh

  1. Spend as much time in the water as possible!
    This is easy coming from a diving instructor.  But seriously being in the water certainly helps in cooling your core temperature down.  Just don’t forget your sun block!
  2. Drink – Drink – Drink!
    You will rarely see any of us without a bottle in hand – of water of course.  Water is your new best friend and will keep you hydrated and healthy.  Try to limit sodas, tea, coffee and alcohol.
  3. Eat cucumbers and watermelon
    Both are available everywhere in Sharm.  Not only are they delicious and refreshing they also help to keep you hydrated.
  4. Set you air-con correctly
    It’s great to be cool but don’t over do it.  Setting temperatures around 28 degrees rather than on it’s minimum helps you feel cooler when you go outside.
  5. Get in the shade
    Shade is great – avoid the full sun.  You will still get a healthy tan in the shaded areas so why suffer in the direct sun light.
  6. Sun Block
    Invest in a great sunblock with a high factor and apply well.  It’s amazing how many people forget the feet and ears!
  7. Sun Glasses
    These are a must!
  8. Cover your head
    You really feel and look so much cooler in a wide brimmed had ladies and for the guys a cap is a must.  Keeps sun off the neck and face and helps with sun stroke.