Marine Conservation Sharm 2015

Marine Conservation SharmMost of us began diving because of our love for the sea and our curiosity about its marine life.  At the start of our diving education we learn about limiting our impact on the underwater world through positive interaction and maintaining neutral buoyancy.

As we grow and develop our dive skills either through experience or education it is important to learn more about marine conservation and how we can make a difference.

Marine conservation, is the protection and preservation of ecosystems in our oceans and seas. It focuses on limiting human-caused damage to marine ecosystems, and on restoring damaged marine ecosystems.

But how can we get involved in our everyday life and make a difference…

  1. Follow PADI Project Aware which provides news and updates of conservation efforts and events globally.
  2. Check out Save Our Seas for ideas of how you can help through making small changes to your lifestyle choices
  3. Choose sustainable fish when doing your weekly food shopping
  4. When booking your holiday choose to dive with a center who is environmentally aware and promotes positive interaction with marine life
  5. Get involved in beach clean ups and clean up dives in your local area or when traveling.

Through making just a few good choices and changes each of us can play a role in helping to preserve ecosystems in our oceans and seas.

Marine Conservation Sharm 2015

As part of Blue Lagoon Sharm’s Marine Conservation Sharm 2015 initiative we will be organising events, clean ups and more.  Follow us on our Facebook page to see our progress.