Diving Dahab

The town of Dahab – which is the Arabic word for Gold – is approx. 90km North East of Sharm el Sheikh by car.  Diving Dahab is done via the shore of this lesser developed tourist resort.

Dahab offers the opportunity for local shopping for traditionally made goods.  The restaurants and shops are mainly situated along the promenade of the bay.

An Egyptian Mecca for Kite Surfers, you will find many kites out on a windy day.  By night the resort is a mix of surfers and divers.  The atmosphere is relaxed but fun in the beach side cafes and bars.

Diving Dahab Blue Hole

Diving Dahab – The Bells and Blue Hole

Entering a blue lagoon from the shore divers descend through a vein which has eroded in the rock very much like a chimney which is referred to as ‘The Bells’ and emerge along the reef wall at about 12m.  The wall itself is vertical and plunges straight down to over 200m.  Passing along the wall divers enter the Blue Hole across a saddle at 6m.  The Blue Hole itself is a sink hole that descends to over 130m.

Deep arches dived by Tec Divers allow then to pass from the inner walls of the hole to the outer side of the main reef.

Diving Dahab CanyonDiving Dahab – The Canyon

Accessed from a shallow sandy Lagoon the Canyon is a superb dive especially for photographers.

The seabed lays at 20m at its deepest point.  Its cavern reaches up to 10m high with its top ending in a glass fish dome.  Light beams stream through cracks and the gap at the top.

Outside the Canyon you find a sandy plateau with small coral blocks.  A large number of octopus can be found here.  Often seen free swimming.

A spectacular relaxed dive for divers of all levels.