House Reef – Ras Nasrani

House Reef Ras Nasrani

Our House Reef Ras Nasrani or Christian Cape when translated from Arabic, is easily accessed from the dive base via the pontoon. Ras Nasrani is renowned to be one of the best dive spots along the resort populated coast line.  Looking across to Tiran Island the entire experience from kitting up to exiting is memorable.  An ideal photo opportunity even on the surface.

Located close to the Tiran area the site takes full advantage of the nutrients coming from the Gulf of Aqaba.  These nutrients filter across the reefs of the Tiran sites feeding the corals and ensuring a healthy reef system.House Reef - Ras Nasrani

A relatively easy dive site.  There is a possibility to observe pelagic fish such as tuna, Jackfish and barracuda.  On occasion we have spotted some of the more unusual visitors to the reef such as Guitar Sharks, manta rays and devil rays.

Night diving at this site is simply breath taking.  With the many Nudibranchia, molluscs, octopus and brightly coloured corals it is action packed.  Spanish Dancers can often be found and lucky divers are treated to their full glory when free swimming.

On entering the water the dive follows a  small sandy plateau sloping down from 6m.  A stunning red anemone can be found at 12m which is home to clown fish.  Keeping in mind the current and air consumption the dive proceeds in a northerly direction toward the cape.

A small forest of large gorgonian fan corals are found at 20m along with large colonies of mushroom-shaped Porites coral heads.  Before reaching the tip of the cape the dive doubles back and is followed by loops.

A fascinating dive that can be enjoyed by novice and professional divers alike.

House reef diving can be combined with packages.  Once a check dive on the reef is completed and passed the house reef can be dived without a guide.