Sharm Diving Center Cat Rescue

Sharm Diving Center Cat RescueBlue Lagoon Sharm Diving Center Cat Rescue hero Amir tells his story:

“When I arrived at the diving center at around 10am I heard meowing.  It sounded a bit strange so I searched around for the cat.  At first I could not find her but then I looked up and there she was – at the top of a palm tree.

It was obvious that she was stuck.  Moving from side to side and looking at me with big sad eyes.  I put some water and food at the bottom of the tree hoping she would be able to find her own way down.

As the day progressed it became clear that she could not find her way down the tree on her own.  But as she is a stray I was not sure of the safest way for both me and her to get her down.

By 4pm I considered the situation desperate.  I ran to the staff at La Perla hotel and asked them for a ladder.

After leaning the ladder gently against the tree I climbed up.  Although she is a stray I could see that she knew I wanted to help her.  I held her with one hand and secured our safe descent with the other.

Rescue over and safely on the ground she drank from the bowl and chowed down the food.”

Sharm Diving Center Cat Rescue – What we have to say:

Hopefully her tree climbing days are well and truly over.  We will keep our eyes open for our little feline friend who disappeared promptly after the rescue.

We certainly are proud of Amir and happy he is part of our team of animal loving divers.  Coining a phrase form ‘Ghost Busters’:

A stray cat up the tree?

Who you gonna call?