A Sharm Diving Christmas

Sharm Diving Christmas

A White Christmas or a Sharm Diving Christmas?

We have all seen ‘A White Christmas’ with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye but in reality few of us experience the same warm Christmas spirit.   For most families and singletons a ‘Sharm Diving Christmas’ could be a better reality

Now the mass marketing campaigns have already begun.  Most people have started their Christmas shopping and those who have not are worrying about whether the perfect gift will be in store in December.  Now questions such as Turkey or Goose?  Slippers or Socks? Barbie or Iphone? are at the forefront of our minds!

For many Christmas is a lonely time or full of stress.  A turkey dinner for one is not an easy thing to cook at home and dining out alone on Christmas day is not an option for some.

Families who see each other once a month are confined together for an entire weekend piling on the pounds with chocolate and Christmas pud.  Wrapped in new Christmas sweaters with reindeer and sipping mulled wine in front of the TV with the Queens speech.

A Sharm Diving Christmas is a completely different story.  Warm as a British summers day with plenty of activities for all and not a reindeer jumper in sight!  This year we will be spending our Christmas day at sea and although there will be no tree the little orange anthias decorating Jackson reef and the black corals at Woodhouse will be enough for us!

Everyone full of Christmas Cheer we will be finishing the day off with mulled wine back at the dive center.  Hugs and warm Christmas fuzziness in abundance this is our perfect Christmas day.

And of course there will be a Christmas give for you!

To get here its simple with great offers form operators including Easy Jet.