Sharm Diving Summer 2015

Sharm diving summer 2015We are often asked what the diving is like year round so we thought we would share the best of what we expect for Sharm Diving Summer 2015.

Diving in the Red Sea and particularly Sharm el Sheikh can be a simply breath taking and unique experience.  With water temperatures being 26+ degrees kitting up is easy – some divers choose to dive in shorts or just a 3 mm shorty.  The warm waters also brings some incredible marine life.

Our all round top Sharm Diving Summer 2015 has to be  Anemone City – Shark Reef – Yolanda Reef.  This is a simply WOW drift dive. Jumping in close to the reef for a nice easy descent you are then met by Nemos galore.  The field of Anemones is just so beautiful and too many to count.  On leaving Anemone City you swim through the deep blue waters across to Shark Reef.

Summer diving Sharm 2015Currents being right at the corner of Shark Reef you are suddenly struck by the sheer amount of fish in the water.  A wall of hundreds of snapper – large schools of barracuda – trevally – tuna – oceanics – unicorn fish – even our little fat friends the mask puffer fish are out in droves.  Currents permitting we love to spend a good part of the dive hanging in the water just watching the underwater world pass us by.  Between the marine life, wall and deep blue waters this part of the dive is breath taking.

From Shark Reef you pass the saddle between Shark and Yolanda Reefs and on to the coral plateau leading to a vertical drop off.  Here the hard and soft corals are the perfect back ground for any photographer to capture free swimming morays, turtles, large schools of unicorn fish and of course unexpected visitors!

Onto the cargo and wreckage of the Yolanda – toilets, baths, automobile….. In the summer we tend not to notice so much the wreckage and cargo as there is just so much fish action.

Finishing at the Satellite Reef for the safety stop whilst taking in the brightly coloured fish, corals and recapping the dive in your mind.  On these dives we never want to our safety stops to end!