Our Top 5 rarest sightings in Sharm

Everyone talks about the fish that got away.  This is exactly the topic of our dive center conversations over the last few days.  Sharing stories about the sightings we missed and also our rarest finds.

Our top 5 rarest sightings for Sharm


Humpback Whale Sharm1.  Humpback Whale

To our knowledge a humpback what has only been sighted three or four times here in the Red Sea.  The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a species of baleen whale. One of the larger rorqual species, adults range in length from 12–16 metres and weigh approximately 36,000 kilograms. The humpback has a distinctive body shape, unusually long pectoral fins and a knobbly head. B est know for their acrobatics – breaching and slapping the water with its tail and pectoral fins.

Sun Fish Sharm2. Mola Mola (Sun Fish)

Sighted very rarely here in Sharm. The Sun Fish (Centrarchidae Molidae) is from the order of Tetraodontiformes.  A very unusual looking fish without a caudal (tail) fin. Instead it has a clavus, which is formed by extensions of the dorsal and anal fin rays. The clavus is rounded and coarse skin is covered with enormous amounts of mucus.  Silver opalescent in colour, they can exhibit amazingly changeable patterns of spots. One actually measured at 3.1m in length was found to weigh 2,235 kg, making the Mola Mola the heaviest bony fish in the world.

Ghost3.  Ornate Ghost Pipefish

The location of these are the best kept secrets.  So small and hard to spot that once they move they are very hard to find again.  We have spotted them int he past at Far Garden and Ras Katy.  The ornate ghost pipefish (Solenostomus paradoxus), is a false pipefish of the family Solenostomidae. The species name comes from the Greek paradoxos, referring to this fish’s unusual external features.  They reach a maximum length of 12 cm.

Sea Horse Sharm4.  Sea Horses

These really are our favourites.  We have all found one or two in our diving careers but always doing dives for that sole purpose.  The elusive Thorny Seahorse (Hippocampus jayakari or Hippocampus histrix), can sometimes be found hiding amongst the sea grasses in Naama Bay.



Whale_shark_Australia5. Whale Sharks

Each year whale sharks are spotted and you will often see the guides look out quietly to sea to try and spot one.  Not common in Sharm waters they do appear during the plankton blooms.  The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest known extant fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 12.65 m and a weight of more than 21.5 metric tons. The whale shark is  the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate, rivaling many of the largest dinosaurs in weight. It is the sole member of the genus Rhincodon and the family, Rhincodontidae (called Rhiniodon and Rhinodontidae before 1984), which belongs to the subclass Elasmobranchii in the class Chondrichthyes. The species originated about 60 million years ago!!!!