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Sharm Family Diving made easy

Has your life completely changed?  Swapped your sports car for an SUV? your apartment with great views in the heart of the city  been replaced by a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs? Saturday morning hangovers no longer an option? Today – your family comes first which you would not change for anything in the world.  But somewhere along the line – between PTA meetings, kids ballet and football practice – you lost the time to go diving. Although back packing around the world with the family may not be an option – a Sharm family diving holiday is,  Today, more than ever, diving is readily accessible to families.  PADI makes scuba diving fun and easy for families to enjoy together whilst on their family holiday. With the minimum age for the PADI Junior Scuba Diver being just 10 years old the fun can start at an early age.  The PADI Scuba Diver course itself is great for children.  With many children finding for the first time how lessons learned in school can be applied in the real world in a fun and exciting way – through Scuba Diving.  Physics, biology, discipline, team work are just a few of the key skills learned and practiced during the course.   So a Sharm family diving holiday may be a great option for you! Sharm el Sheikh itself has very child friendly hotels with many offering All Inclusive and some great family deals. At Blue Lagoon Sharm we love getting families diving.  It really is amazing to see children. parents and even grandparents sharing the experience together.  We find that when families begin diving with young children they tend to holiday together for years to come. Because we love families so much we have some great deals through out the year to make your Sharm Family Diving holiday affordable. Contact us directly for full details of our current family specials....

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Sharm Holiday Check List – Summer 2015

We have put together a Sharm Holiday Check List as we know planning your summer holiday can be a little stressful.  For those who are opting for a self organised rather than a package holiday this will be an even more valuable tool. Sharm Holiday Check List Flights Book on line and remember to triple check passenger details are correct.  If you are diving check out upgrading your luggage to include sports gear – this is the cheapest option offered by many airlines when compared to buying one extra bag. Accommodation There are a huge number of types and levels of accommodation.  When choosing think about where you will best fit.  There are many self catering options available for those on a budget or would like to dine at some of the many restaurants here and want the comforts of home.  All Inclusive options are available at most hotels with some offering Half Board and Bed and Breakfast. Transfers If you are not with a package it is possible to get a taxi directly from the Airport however it is easier and often cheaper to arrange this in advance.  Many diving centers will assist with this. Insurance Not the first thing on our minds when looking forward to a holiday but travel insurance is essential.  Check the small print to make sure everything is covered including scuba diving and also the exclusions and limits.  Scuba Diving cover can easily be bought online from DAN. Packing The summer months are hot and no warm clothes are needed apart from when you are in air conditioning when a light cover up is perfect.  On the whole the dress is quite relaxed in Sharm and unless you are in a very posh hotel there is no need to pack formal clothes for dinner.A high factor good quality water proof sun block is the most important item.  Although pharmacies are well stocked and many in Sharm it is a good idea to pack a basic first aid kit including some re-hydrant.Pack spare camera batteries as not all types are easily available here and don’t forget the adapters for your electrical items. Dive kit is easy – with warm water temperatures a nice shorty will be enough for most divers.  For a more detailed list check out our earlier blog. Excursions There are too many excursions and activities to list and all available in destination.  Always remember to book through a reputable source to make sure that the standards are up to par.  Excursions can be booked in advance on line and many dive centers are happy to arrange for them you.  Our non diving favorites would be star gazing in the desert complete with bedouin dinner and tea. We hope this list helps with your planning and of course we are always happy to help with dive and non dive related questions....

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Top 5 reasons we love Sharm

Cold drink in hand and full  day of diving, sun and sea finished – the team shared stories of why we love Sharm el Sheikh.  So here are our Top 5. Top 5 reasons we love Sharm 1. Diving! This was an easy one and why most of us came to Sharm.  Those who were not divers before arriving fell in love with the sea on their first dives.  Sharm has it all as far as diving is concerned – wrecks, reefs, currents, pelagic action and macro.  Something to spark the passion in every diver. 2.  Multi-cultural Society Sharm is a city where you can sit at a table and have conversations going on in 5 different languages without anyone really noticing.  Residents come together from different countries, backgrounds and cultures absorbing each others celebrations, history and culture.  As dive instructors we are lucky enough to spend time with so many different people and nationalities it could be said that Sharm Diving Instructors really are Global Citizens! 3. Nature Sharm is surrounding by nature and we love it.  Ras Mohammed National Park or Nabq National Park are great ways to spend days off.  From mangroves and migratory birds to the dunes to the shore line marine life there is just so much to see. 4.  Night Life Whether you want to dance till dawn, chill out with coffee and shisha at midnight or simply have a great meal with friends – it’s easy.  Sharm is open round the clock so you are never bored or at a loss for something to do. 5.  Bedouin Society Most of the Sinai Bedouins have been in Sinai since the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries.  Their traditions and lifestyles give an understanding of how living was like in Sharm before the area was developed.  A night drinking bedouin tea under the stars really is the ultimate way to relax and get away from life. Do you have your own top 5 – why not share them with us at...

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