Why and how to learn scuba diving in Sharm

Learn scuba diving in SharmHave you ever wondered what lies below the service, dreamed of floating weightlessly like an astronaut, flying like a bird, or looking for lost objects like a treasure hunter? Learn scuba diving in Sharm and make all these dreams a reality!

Scuba diving is relatively easy and only requires a short period of training to get started. Whether your goal is to observe the marine life, ocean conservation or to try a new experience and meet like minded people enrolling in a scuba diving will enable you easily do these things. If you are partnered with someone who is too scared to scuba dive, worry not, they can kayak on the surface, just have them check out these top rated kayak reviews and get them interested!

With seventy percent of the globe being covered by water your ability to experience the natural planet is hugely increased when you become a scuba diver.  When you start scuba diving in Sharm you have easy access to sites perfect for the course requirements and that have an abundance of beautiful marine life.

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Here is an easy step by step list to learn scuba diving in Sharm simply:

Determine if you are physically able to become a scuba diver

Most people who have a basic level of physical fitness and are comfortable in the water can learn to scuba dive. There are, however, a few medical conditions which are considered to be contraindications for scuba diving. Be sure to read and answer honestly the fitness for diving/ dive medical questionnaire prior to enrolling into the course.  Should you find you answer yes to any of the questions then you should consult your doctor in the first instance before enrolling in the course.

Choose the course that is right for you

PADI is the largest scuba diving agency worldwide and offers a range of courses to start you off diving.  Whether you want to try our diving before committing to a certified course or if you want to jump straight into a 4 – 5 day course it is simple.  Book to learn scuba diving in Sharm in advance with any of our PADI entry level courses:

Discover Scuba Diving – 1 day program

Scuba Diver – 2 day course with a life time certification to 12 m

Open Water Diver – 4 day course with a life time certification to 18m

To make learning to dive even easier PADI offer an eLearning option so that all the theory sections can be completed prior to your holiday and you get to spend more time in the water rather than the classroom!

Buy or rent equipment when you learn scuba diving in Sharm?

Scuba diving is an equipment-dependent sport and each diver needs to have well maintained and fitted kit to enjoy diving.  When learning to dive you will be provided with a set of equipment however you may want to consider purchasing your own personal items such as wet suit, boots, fins, and mask. Once certified and armed with the knowledge you have learned you will then be able to select other items based on your own needs.